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Answers To Your Commonly Asked Questions

Q:  Do your courses satisfy the state of FL requirement for obtaining a concealed firearm license? 

A:  Yes, all of our shooting courses will not only satisfy, but exceed the state of FL requirement for obtaining a concealed firearm license.


Q:  I am scared of guns.  Are the classes you offer only for experienced shooters? 

A:  No, in fact, we always welcome new shooters to sign up for our classes.  All of our shooting courses are meant for beginners, as well as for more experienced shooters.  Our goal is to create a comfortable learning environment for all students that will enable you to learn step by step, the safe and proper way to handle and operate firearms. 

Q:   Aside from getting a concealed firearm license, are there any other benefits to taking one of your classes?

A:  Yes!  Unfortunately, this is a dangerous world we live in and being able to properly and effectively protect yourself is very important.  Although police officers try to respond as quickly as they can to emergencies, it is important to realize that the police may not know you are in need of their assistance until it is too late.  It is unrealistic to expect the police to be there to protect you 24/7.  That is why it is of paramount importance to be able to ensure your own personal safety.  With that said, always remember that a firearm is a tool of last resort to protect yourself or your loved ones from great bodily harm or death and the responsibility that comes with owning or carrying a firearm should not be taken lightly!!!

Q:  Are guns dangerous? 

A:  They can be, depending on who is handling or using them.  Guns are no different than tools and if not used properly or if the proper safety precautions are not taken, someone can get seriously hurt or killed.  We take very seriously the responsibility to teach the knowledge, skills and attitude necessary to facilitate to proper and safe handling and use of firearms.  Always remember that guns are not inherently unsafe by themselves, it is the people that misuse them that make guns unsafe, which is how negligent discharges occur.


Q:  Your shooting courses are at least 7 hours long, but I see other concealed firearm classes that take half the time.  Why are your classes so much longer? 

A:  It is vitally important that as a gun owner, that you have a proper foundation from which to build on.  We offer a couple of different basic shooting courses that include a wide variety of topics in order to provide a solid foundation.  For example, our Basic Handgun/Concealed Carry Course includes topics such as:

-proper operation of revolvers and semi-automatic pistols

-shooting fundamentals

-various aspects of personal protection inside and outside the home

-The Florida statutes that govern weapons & firearms and justifiable use of force

The NRA Basics of Pistol Shooting Course includes topics such as:

-gun safety rules

-proper operation of revolvers and semi-automatic pistols

-ammunition knowledge and selection

-pistol selection and storage

-shooting fundamentals

-pistol inspection and maintenance


-gun range safety

Learning the proper knowledge, skills and attitude necessary to facilitate the proper safe handling and use of firearms is the main goal of our shooting courses.  Also, all of our courses include actual range time which is spent firing a specified number of rounds appropriate for the course being taught.  This enables you to get more comfortable shooting the firearm, which is essential to reinforcing the lessons that are taught during class. 

Q:  I don’t know very much about guns or how to shoot them and I feel a bit intimidated by the idea of being in a classroom environment where I might look foolish in front of other people.  Do you offer personal one on one training instead?

A:  Yes.  If you feel as though you might feel more comfortable learning in a private setting, personal one on one training is available by appointment. 

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